Easter Getaway in Estepona

Easter Getaway in Estepona

Nice Easter getaway

Estepona is one those places that you fall in love with immediately. I lived in Estepona in 2014 and I’ve really enjoyed it. So after some eight years, I decided to spend Easter holidays in this beautiful town.

There are many reasons why you may like to visit Estepona if you plan coming to Spain on holidays. And if you are into drone photography like me, you will be happy to learn that much of Estepona does not fall into restricted areas so you can fly and shoot freely.

All photos in this blog post have been shot by me on DJI Mini 2 drone. Let’s dive in.

A seaside town with 325 days of sunshine per year

Estepona is a seaside town and resort in the province of Málaga on the south of Spain. With 67 thousand inhabitants, 21km of coastline and two Blue Flag beaches, Estepona is a popular holiday destination. The town has its own microclimate thanks to the mountains that surround Estepona. With over 325 days of sunshine, the winters are super mild and summers are cool.

Basically, you can come to Estepona all around the year. However, if you want to swim and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, the best time is from the beginning of April.

What to see in Estepona

Estepona is not a big town. You may see almost everything in a day or two. If you stay in the town center you won’t even need a car. Get a pair of comfortable shoes and have your camera ready.

The old town

The old town is really beautiful with its narrow streets, white houses and flowers. Well, there are lots of flowers in the streets of Estepona. Not enough? Estepona even has an Orchid House. It’s a modern botanical garden housing orchids & other flowers, plus a waterfall, under 3 glass domes. Let’s get back to the old town.

The town center is packed with cafes, restaurants and bars. Make sure to walk on the Calle Real. You will find one of the best places for dining there. More on the food below. Let’s address spirituality first.

There are several churches in the town. One of them is Parroquia Nuestra Señora De Los Remedios. This one I pictured on the last day of our stay. Fortunately, there were fewer people and I managed to fly the drone.

In the heart of the Estepona there are small remains of once great castle.

The town center also has several shops and boutiques.

The port

By talking a fifteen minute walk on the promenade to the south, you can reach the port of Estepona.

The port is lively. It boats a number of nice restaurants and it gets really busy in summer time. The port is also where you encounter the nightlife. You can get really boogie-woogie in the port.

Like the rest of the coastal Spain, you can encounter a lighthouse in the port of Estepona. I admit. I am obsessed with lighthouses. But look at it on the picture. Isn’t it cool?

The bullring

To be fully honest with you, I’ve never been to a bullfight even after living more than five years in Spain. Yes, Estepona has a bullring and it’s right near the port.

I’ve always wanted to shoot a bullring from above and here we go. Look how beautifully the light falls

By the way, the bullring of Estepona is used as an open cinema during summertime. So you may wish to visit the place even if you are not into bullfights.


No blog post would be complete without mentioning food. The food in Estepona is simply amazing. Please note that all mentioned places are my favorites. No monetary incentives involved!


If you are into Italian food, El Rincón Toscano is the goto place. It’s so damn Italian that the waiters throw in Italian all the time. When I lived in Estepona, almost every Saturday I would dine at this place. I can say that I’m an expert in their menu and the good news is, no matter what you order, everything is guaranteed to be super delicious. Remember this post when you will be getting pleasure from the smoked-wooden taste of that pizza Diavola.

Grill and steaks

Prefer grilled stuff? The Grill House is a brutal winner. The place is not cheap but you get what you pay. The service is amazing, the portions are decent and more importantly super delicious.

Fish and seafood

Are you more into seafood and fish? Estepona has got you covered. After all, it’s a Mediterranean town. It’s difficult to find a clear-cut winner as there are so many places serving great seafood and fish but let recommend you this one Restaurante El Pescador. Apart from serving great fish dishes, the location is amazing. What can be better than eating freshly prepared fish, fantastic Spanish white wine and getting pleasure from the view of the sea on a sunny day.

Holy sweetness

Let’s finish the food part with sweetie stuff. There is one place in Estepona where you can eat probably one of the best ice-creams of your life. It’s called GIOELIA. Just go there and eat ice-cream. But be warned. The next time you eat ice-cream, you will be comparing to GIOELIA.

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