DJI Mini 3 Will be Released on May 10

DJI Mini 3 Will be Released on May 10

In the previous post I wrote about all the spec and details that we know about DJI Mini. The details came from a Dutch retail that accidentally leaked the listing of the drone.

Release by the end of April

There has been a lot of speculation about the release date. Initially it was expected that DJI would announce Mini 3 any time from April 20 and that the Drone would be released on April 28. These dates were based on the information released from a well-known DJI leaker @DealsDrone.

Release date has been pushed off

Then came the news that due to some reasons the release date would be pushed. This could be caused by shortage of the components, the lockdown in China, stability/reliability issues or any combination of these and possible some other factors.

New release date

Now there is news that DJI Mini 3 Pro will be released on May 10. In principle, this date has been speculated by Jasper Ellens, another reliable drone leaker, for a while. As we know DJI normally announces an even a week before so we should expect official announcement on May 2 or May 3.

Other signs of the release

There are many other signs hinting that DJI Mini 3 release is right around the corner. First, there are massive discounts on DJI Air 2S. For example, on Amazon Spain, the price has been lowered from 999 Euro to 825 Euro. Also, Amazon has a Google ads running for DJI Mini 3. Finally, several other online shops already have posted listing.

One way or another, we will see the most anticipated drone of 2022 in action soon. Stay tuned!

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