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DJI Mini 2 Absolute Beginner Tips

DJI Mini 2 Absolute Beginner Tips

In this post I have compiled a number of DJI Min 2 tips and tricks for absolute beginners from getting started to photography. Though, even intermediate users may find some of these interesting.

Getting Started

Unfolding order

To unfold your Mini 2, you have to first unfold the front arms and then the rear arms.

Getting DJI Care Refresh

If you have activated your Mini 2 and haven’t purchases DJI Care Refresh, it is the best time to do so. Remember, you have only 48 hours after drone activation to get one. And getting DJI Care Refresh is one of the best things you can get.

Get the propeller holder

If you bought the combo variant of Mini 2, it comes with the prop holder. This is an absolutely handy and useful accessory. So, if you bought the non combo variant, I highly recommend that you buy the propeller holder. If you buy only one Mini 2 accessory, it has to be the prop holder.

Enabling payload mode

If you plan to add any accessories to Mini 2 you need to enable the Payload Mode. For example, if you want to fly indoors, it’s a good idea to put propeller guards. In this case, you have to enable Payload Mode. To do so, go to Advanced Safety Settings, scroll down and switch on the Payload Mode toggle.

Set identification details in AeroScope

If you happen to be in a jurisdiction where drone identification is mandatory, you can enter your details in the AeroScope settings. In Safety settings, scroll down to bottom and open the AeroScope settings.

Remove gimbal cover before powering on

When you power on Mini 2, the gimbal starts moving. This is why it is important to remove the cover (protector) before you power on the drone.


Starting and stopping the Mini 2 motors with joysticks

You can bring Mini 2’s motors in motion by pushing both sticks to the bottom inner or outer corners. As soon as the motors start spinning, release both sticks. To stop the motors, you can push down and hold the left (throttle) stick. This is also called CSC (Combination Stick Command).


This is one of the coolest things. You can start flying Mini 2 by starting the motors and slightly nudging it upwards or downwards. Basically, with this trick, you can launch Mini 2 from your hand. The first thing you need to do though is to start the motors by procedure described in the previous tip.


This is probably one of the most important beginner tips. With a push of a button on your remote controller, you can immediately stop the drone. Pause also cancels any automatic program that Mini 2 might be executing. This also includes canceling RTH.

Record telemetry data as a video subtitle

Mini 2 can embed telemetry data right into the video as a subtle track. The data includes camera settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, zoom as well as flight data like GPS coordinates, speed, altitude, etc.

Don’t touch the motors after flying

Motors get hot, sometimes very hot. Don’t touch them after completing a flight.

Photo and Video Shooting

Don’t fight the wind

Given Mini 2’s ultra light weight and size, it has decent wind resistance. However, it’s still not as great as that of Mini’s larger “brothers”. Mini 2 will try to adjust position in the wind. However, if you also try to find the wind by manually adjusting the drone’s position, it may ruin your shots.

Use digital zoom

Mini 2 does not have optical zoom. Though, it has digital zoom and it does fairly good job. Use it when you need to zoom in on objects.

Avoid shooting into the sun

Mini 2 suffers from lens flare problem considerably. Thus, avoid looking directly into sun when shooting photos or video.

Get a fast memory card

Mini 2 can record 4K video. This translates into about 800MB per minute or 12MB per second. Thus you need quite fast memory card. Go for SanDisk if you can. Also keep in mind that a 64GB card will be good for about 60 minutes of video.

Shooting yourself

Mini 2 does not have obstacle avoidance and (probably) because of that lacks Active Track as well. It means that shooting yourself is not easy. QuickShots helps slightly but it’s only helpful if you are a skilled drone pilot and quite accustomed with Mini 2.

Thus, initially focus to improve your flying skills to avoid accidents. Once you have sufficient flying time under your belt, you can try shooting yourself.

You can record 60FPS on Mini 2

Mini 2 can record 4K only at 30FPS max. However, if you need 60FPS, you can switch to 1080p or 2.7K. I personally like 60FPS videos and 2.7K is really decent resolution. It’s my favorite shooting mode.

Misc Tips

Charge your phone from Mini 2 remote controller

The Mini 2 controller can charge your phone while in flight if you enable so. Because Mini 2’s remote controller has a pretty decent battery (with around 6 hours of usage), you may wish to enable this feature.

Connect to Mini 2 without a remote controller

You can connect to Mini 2 directly from your smart phone without a remote controller.

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