DJI Fly App 1.4.12 for iOS is Here

DJI Fly App 1.4.12 for iOS is Here

DJI has finally released the much awaited 1.4.12 version of the DJI Fly app for iOS. This update brings a number of important features.

Live streaming

The most important feature in this update is the ability to live stream video from DJI Air 2S, Mavic Air 2, Mini 2, Mini SE, Mavic Mini, and DJI FPV drones. This feature has been available on Androids for a while and now iOS users can enjoy it as well.

You can access this feature in the “Transmission” tab.

Before starting the transmission, the app asks for Stream URL and Stream Key for establishing a connection. You can also select the stream quality. 720p and 1080p options are available with 5 Mbps and 3 Mpbs bitrates.

Video cache before losing signal

If you have ever lost a signal with your drone, you know how horrible this feels. DJI has introduced a feature that makes the situation better.

You can use Find My Drone to view the drone video before losing the signal.

Should you upgrade?

If you happen to be using the latest iOS version, that is 15, you simply have to update the app. Even if you are an older version, updating the app is a great idea because of the two features described above.

Additionally, there are some minor performance and stability improvements.

While this update brings nothing related to the upcoming Mavic 3, it is expected that the next update will happen when DJI releases Mavic 3, hopefully in November.

Stay tuned!

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