AeroVironment Systems Donates 100 Quantix Recon Drones to Ukraine

AeroVironment Systems Donates 100 Quantix Recon Drones to Ukraine

Modern warfare

Drones have become an indispensible part of modern warfare from recon operations to attacking enemy targets. Bayraktar combat drones have literally changed the fate of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We are witnessing the same in Ukraine. Both Russian and Ukraine military use not only military drones but consumer drones for their missions.

AeroVironment, Inc.

Headquartered in Virginia, AeroVironment is a global leader in intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems and serves defense, government and commercial customers.

More than 100 Quantix™ Recon drones for Ukraine

The company has announced that they are donating more than 100 Quantix™ Recon drones to Ukraine. USA has already been providing Ukraine with AeroVironment drones and this donation is an independent one. The first half of the donated Quantix Recon drones shipment is expected to be delivered this week with operational training commencing immediately.

What can Quantix™ Recon drones do?

Quantix Recon drones are lightweight, easily deployable and fully automated. They are used for reconnaissance operations. The drones provide actionable intelligence using high-resolution, georeferenced terrain, vegetation and infrastructure imagery. Put it simply, the drones allow military locate enemy targets easily without being detected.

These drones can do vertical take off and landing (VTOL). This advantage of multirotor drones is coupled with the advantage of range, speed and efficiency of a fixed-wing aircrafts.

Quantix Recon drones are battery powered that lasts 45 minutes. The drones support fully automated flight operations and can survey 1.6 square kilometers or 20 linear kilometers per flight.

Images courtesy AeroVironment, Inc.

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